September 26, 2017

The most important part of any sales copy is undoubtedly the start. It is where you hook your reader in, plant some keywords for SEO, and put forward your proposition. Most readers will have decided whether or not to read an entire copy within the first paragraph and so, while the main section of content and calls to action are important, the start of your copy acts as a gateway to readers continui...

September 26, 2017

Whatever you are using your web copy for, the difference of a few words can often make the difference of hundreds of percent in response rates. I’ll leave you to do the maths.

There are often many things a professional copywriter is doing that you might miss by attempting to go it alone, so we have put together these top tips to help you avoid common mistakes:

1. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes....

September 26, 2017

In terms of content, keywords are the essential ingredient in any web copy, from websites to blogs. Keywords help prove to search engines that your content is relevant to customers searching with you keywords. The insertion of keywords in your web content is not, unlike other aspects of copy writing, an art, but a carefully studied science.

Keyword Targeting

You must target a small set of specif...

September 26, 2017

There exists a rather fascinating little book, written by the neurologist Oliver Sacks, called The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. The book beautifully describes the, often tragic, case studies of some of Dr. Sacks' strangest cases. One such case – from which the title was taken – describes the case of a man, Dr. P, with what is called visual agnosia. He could only use a small piece of visual i...

September 26, 2017

Take it from us – ghost writers are often the true authors of many companies’ blogs and social media pages, and not the business owners themselves. But is it fair that so much content is masquerading as a personal message from the company, or should ghost writing be looked upon as something akin to fraud?

When it comes to celebrities hiring PR agencies to manage their social media avatars, are they...

September 26, 2017

Too many businesses fail to include a call to action when writing copy that’s intended to sell, either because they are unaware how important they are, or simply because they are afraid to ask for business.

Calls to action are simply phrases that ask the reader to complete some sort of action, be it calling or emailing you, downloading a pdf, or even just visiting your website – whichever is the mos...

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